Histopathology of human scabies in Iraq – Journal Research Publication V5 2023

Histopathology of human scabies in Iraq

Publication Date : 18-12-2019

DOI: syhsy1233

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(12 - 2019)

Abstract :

This research was conducted in order to detect the histological alterations in the skin of scabies patients and to identify the etiological agent of mange using a genetic approach due to the significance of this zoonotic illness.This research was carried out in Iraq's Baghdad Province. In all, 327 scabies-infected individuals (both male and female) were included in this research between the beginning of January and the end of December 2022.Age ranges between 1 year and more than 50 years; gender; and presence of animals were among the data collected from patients.The diagnosis of scabies caused by Sarcoptesscabiei was established through physical examination, inspection of the affected skin area, or by extracting S. scabiei using a needle and obtaining a tissue sample for microscopic analysis to identify the presence of scabies mites or their eggs.

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