Other Features

About Other Features & Functionalities

Features Version 4.0 [NEW]

Customizable Article Details Page

Field Re-arrangement , Adding Custom CSS, Adding Other Page Elements.

Assign Reviewers Manually

Added New Section “Assign Reviewers” in Edit Article.

Article Assignment Email Notification

On Assignment of Article(s) To Reviewer(s).

Admin Features

Email Setup (Update)

Send/Receive Email Notifications with/without SMTP Details

Web Forms (New)

Manage and Customize Article Submission form.

Add Extra Fields with Text Type

One Click Migration

Migrate Data and Features From Version 2.0 to 3.0

Manage Reviewers

Admin can add New Reviewers directly from wp-admin.


Added Extra Fields of Article Submission form.

Reviewer Features

New Standalone User Type “Reviewer”

Added a New User Type “Reviewer” for Security & Feature Access Management.

Removed Irrelevant Features

Added Security and Validations to hide irrelevant Features from Reviewer Login

Design Changes & Improvements

Updated Page Designs & Fixed Design Issues.

Author Features

New Article Submission Page

Added Extra Fields

Article Details Page [Update]

Added Sidebar

Design Changes & Improvements

Updated Page Designs & Fixed Design Issues

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